Personal Development

Self development through Shiatsu training

Shiatsu training is an opportunity for personal transformation and may indeed be a major turning point in your life. Shiatsu is far more than the skillful application of knowledge and technique, it is about communication, trust and healing.

Each person coming for Shiatsu is consciously or unconsciously seeking healing, whether be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Communication, both physical and non-physical takes place between giver and receiver, where the giver is not just giving but is listening through the hands and responding. In the Shiatsu context the receiver is opening himself or herself to be held and touched in a way that facilitates healing. This takes place most deeply when the client trusts the integrity and touch of the giver.

When the giver’s touch is fully attuned to the changing feelings and needs of the receiver and honours their deepest being, then trust is established and body and soul begin to heal.

In order to become aware of the feelings and needs of another, you must first become aware of your own. Self-awareness and your own personal development are an integral part of the training. Your ongoing self reflection is key here.

Part of your increasing self-awareness arises from your own experience of receiving and giving Shiatsu throughout the training course. Thus your own healing begins through learning how you can touch another so as to facilitate their healing. 

Other facets of the course that support this process include: the learning of Oriental medicine which gives a new perspective on your life and health, Qi Gong, Yoga and Do-In and stillness and inner reflection through meditation, grounding and breathing exercises. Your self development is further supported by your being part of a group and work on group dynamics and communication as well as one to one support. Thus your own journey towards wholeness deepens.

As part of your training you are required to receive a minimum of six professional Shiatsu treatments each year.