Shiatsu Foundation Course in Cardiff

‘Three Weekend’ Shiatsu Foundation Course taught by Sarah Hall in Cardiff in affiliation with the Bristol school of Shiatsu.

Spring Dates to be announced

This Course offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the healing art of Shiatsu. The Three Weekend Course is a complete course in its own right providing a wonderful introduction to Shiatsu giving you the skills to give a rewarding shiatsu to friends and family.

 The Foundation Course is also the first stage of the One Year Course and Three Year Practitioner Training Course offered in Bristol by The Bristol School of Shiatsu. After completing your course in Cardiff you can then, if you wish, join our Ten weekend Course in Bristol.

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 Your Course will include:

  • Full Body Shiatsu Routine - learning to give a simple safe healing shiatsu to family and friends
  • The Principles of shiatsu approach and technique
  • Working with presence, posture and breath
  • Developing emotional and body awareness for connectedness in Shiatsu
  • Introduction to the use of major pressure points
  • Introduction to the Classical Meridian system

Dates: Spring Dates to be announced

Venue: To be announced

Cost: £390 (deposit £160)

To register your interest and for more information please contact Sarah:

Sarah Hall

Sarah is a graduate of the Bristol school of Shiatsu and has private practice in Cardiff. She joined the school as a teaching assistant as part of her shiatsu teacher-training programme. Sarah brings ten years previous teaching experience as a dance and movement teacher. She found that her movement practice became more about facilitating body awareness in a creative and therapeutic way, which naturally led into exploring and training in Shiatsu.

As well as her private practice, Sarah visits residential care homes, offices and runs wellbeing workshops for charities and organisations. She volunteered at a centre for substance misuse giving shiatsu to service users and is keen to get Shiatsu to people who may not normally become aware of it.

Sarah also has worked as an allergy therapist and brings an interest in nutrition to her practice.