Foundation Course

(Stage 1) - Three weekends

This Foundation Course offers you a wonderful opportunity to learn the healing art of Shiatsu. It is a great introduction to Shiatsu giving you the skills to give a rewarding shiatsu to friends and family. 

The Foundation Course is a complete elementary course in its own right and can also be taken as the first stage of the One Year Course and the Three Year Shiatsu Practitioner Training.

All classes offered by The Bristol School of Shiatsu are held in Bristol.

A Foundation Course is also offered in Cardiff by Sarah Hall in affiliation with The Bristol School of Shiatsu View Details

Visit the Practitioner Training page to find details of stage 2 of the one-year training course.

Your Three Weekend Course will include

  • Full Body Routine - learning to give a simple safe healing shiatsu to friends and family

  • Principles of Shiatsu approach and Technique

  • Working with presence, posture and breath

  • Developing body and emotional awareness for connectedness in shiatsu

  • Introduction to the Classical Meridian System

  • Introduction to and use of the major pressure points

  • Do-in - Japanese exercises and self-shiatsu techniques

  • Qi Gong