About our School

Our approach to teaching Shiatsu

Our teaching emphasises an intuitive approach to Shiatsu within a framework of traditional oriental medical theory. We see Shiatsu as both an art and a science, encouraging the student’s self-development and creativity, based on a firm foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge.

A major focus of the school is on the development of the intuitive awareness and sensitivity of the students, encouraging the listening in depth to another’s body and being. The student learns to diagnose and respond with the touch that meets the individuals needs, giving a Shiatsu treatment which is unique and personally tailored to bring about a deep level of healing.

At the Bristol school we have, over the last thirty years  developed a style of shiatsu that we call Transformational Shiatsu. This we believe is a real deepening of the wonderful gift given to us by the East and is rooted in both eastern notions of presence, compassion and Zen as well as western notions of authenticity and integrity.



Transformational Shiatsu

Transformational Shiatsu is about a meeting at the core, facilitating an awakening in the client that allows for the deepest healing. It honours that the healing arises in the context of the relationship between giver and receiver. It is in the quality of our touch and our presence that the shiatsu can be experienced as truly powerful.

At the core of our training is attention to and focus on our own unfolding self awareness and resulting personal transformation. We consider that our own personal transformation is integral to the depth and quality of the shiatsu we give.

Our shiatsu becomes profound when we are fully in the present moment and are in authentic relationship with both ourselves and the receiver. Being present and alive to both we enter the mystery and awaken to our deepest intuitive wisdom.

To this ends we work with the essence of, being with self and other, in such a way that allows the shiatsu to arise.

In this presence, the shiatsu is more a state of being, than is something we are doing to another. Instead of giving a shiatsu treatment we are engaged, through touch, in meeting, honouring, challenging and witnessing.

It is our ability to meet and sit with ourselves in the authentic truth of the moment that allows us, in shiatsu, to be with another and witness their healing.

Our own developing self-awareness and inner transformation is a key to shiatsu that is profound and life moving. 

In Transformational Shiatsu ill health, pain and one’s personal wounds can be seen as gateways into aliveness and a deep sense of wellbeing. In this there is an opportunity and invitation for the receiver to open to their deepest selves and reconnect with their own innate magnificence in a space that is held.