Year One

(Stage 2) Ten weekends

This comprehensive course, which follows on from the Foundation Course (stage one) makes up the first year course of the Practitioner Training. This year gives a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of Shiatsu. Students learn a full range of Shiatsu techniques along with a basic system of Oriental diagnosis and treatment. Sensitivity to Ki both within themselves and others will be developed.

Students may be considered for joining stage 2 of Year One if they have completed the equivalent Foundation course elsewhere.


Year One Course Outline

  • Principles of Shiatsu

  • Relational Shiatsu

  • All-body Shiatsu using various positions

  • Ki exercises

  • Self-development, self awareness and group dynamics

  • Development of Shiatsu technique

  • The twelve classical meridians

  • Meridian stretching

  • The location and use of major acupressure points

  • Introduction to Oriental diagnosis

  • Location of diagnostic areas of the back and abdomen

  • Yin and Yang

  • The Five Elements

  • Introduction to and use of  Kyo/Jitsu

  • Introduction to posture and body language diagnosis

  • Anatomy