Year Three

11 weekends

Year three course outline

  • Advanced studies in Shiatsu diagnosis and technique

  • Zen shiatsu and the creative use of meridians

  • Personal Transformation for Shiatsu

  • Development of the therapeutic relationship

  • Deepening Self awareness and presence for Transformational Shiatsu

  • Qualities of touch

  • Case studies 

  • Posture and body language assessment

  • Structural realignment and Joint release

  • Working with specific ailments

  • In-depth hara diagnosis and meridian treatment

  • Shiatsu as a  tool for profound personal transformation 

  • Shiatsu - its role in pregnancy and labour

  • Shiatsu - working with serious illness

  • Deep work with the conception vessel and governing vessel

  • Creative use of of the five elements in diagnosis and shiatsu treatment

  • The chakras- diagnosis and use

  • Barefoot Shiatsu

  • Refining your sensitivity to Ki

  • Listening & Communication skills

  • Western pathology

  • Clinical and management aspects of Practice