Year Two

14 weekends

Course Outline

  • Masunaga's system of Zen Shiatsu

  • A comprehensive range of techniques in the Zen Shiatsu style

  • Location and treatment of extended meridians

  • An in-depth Zen Shiatsu system of diagnosing the condition of the meridians from the abdomen and the back

  • Visual Meridian diagnosis

  • Working with Kyo/Jitsu

  • Relational Shiatsu

  • Personal Transformation through and for Shiatsu

  • Visual Diagnosis - Body language, posture and ki

  • Location and use of major acupressure points

  • Shiatsu for specific conditions and common ailments

  • Taking a case history

  • Developing Ki and intuition. 

  • Developing our Self-Awareness and awareness of group dynamics

  • Developing our inner Ki and sensitivity to Ki.

  • Qi Gong, breathwork, movement and yoga

  • Western Medicine – Physiology